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20th Beavers have Canada Zoom Call
25/10/2020 By Matt Jones

20th Birkenhead Beavers travel to Canada (Virtually ofcourse) 

Kelvin is well known in Birkenhead and as wel all know is very keen on International Scouting having attended several International events! Here is his story on how his Beaver Colony managed to travel to Canada and back in night using the latest technology... ok.... using Zoom!


Kelvin writes, "In 2019, at the World Jamboree, I was fortunate enough to be based in 20th Century Food. This was run by a Canadian Beaver Leader called Garth. We have kept in touch since, and I participated in a round the world Zoom call that included The Netherlands, Chile and Hawaii as well as Canada and Birkenhead. Garth then contacted me last week, asking if our Beavers might be interested in a Zoom call for JOTI. Silly question!
So, early on Saturday afternoon, seven of our Beavers logged in, together with two from Moncton, New Brunswick, and six assorted leaders. We chatted about the weather and the way that native Americans call the land Turtle Island, so we all drew turtles to be coloured in later. We sang a multicultural version on Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, in English, French (Moncton is a bilingual city) and Welsh! Some sharing of Scouting History, a quick fire treasure hunt and a chat about native wildlife, and the hour was gone all too quickly.
We are now trying to do something similar with our Cubs, although my Dutch contact isn’t sure their English will be up to it. If anyone wants to try something similar, Headquarters may be able to find a link, and I’m certainly willing to try to help."

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Good Service Awards 2020
25/10/2020 By Matt Jones

Adult Volunteers receive Good Service Awards this October! 

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that 5 Adult Volunteers with Birkenhead Scouts have received Good Service Awards this October! A Massive Congratulations to all of them on these very well deserved awards! 

Chief Scouts Commendation for Good Service:

Jayne Weaver

Jordan Davies

Award for Merit

Lizzie Bridgelock 

Bar to the Award for Merit

Paul Jones

Silver Acorn

Pete Neil


Matt Jones, District Commissioner said, "It is great to be able to recognise the amazing impact that these Volunteers have had on the delivery of Scouting in Birkenhead. Each and every one of them have made an enormous impression on the lives of countless Young People across the Wirral over many years! They, along with all 200+ Volunteer from across Birkenhead continue to change lives by delivering Skills For Life. My personal thanks go out to each and every Volunteer and I hope to be able to recognise even more Volunteers in our 2021 Good Service Awards". 


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Thomas is walking 11 miles to replicate the 11 miles at Chester Zoo to help them Prevent Extinction. 

Thomas a Cub Scout at 2nd Thingwall is completing a sponsored walk, 11 miles long to raise vital funds to help Chester Zoo continue in their mission to continue to Prevent Extinction. Nicky, Akela at 2nd Thingwall, said "I'm so proud of Thomas who is showing determination and good spirit to help support Chester Zoo." This is even more special as Thomas also suffers with Cerebal Palsy. 

Matt Jones, District Commissioner, said "It's great that even in an international pandemic The Scouts are able to continue thinking of others before oursleves. Thomas is doing a ROARsome job in walking an incredible 11 miles to raise vital funds to support Chester Zoo in their mission to Prevent Extinction around the world. Here is a massive Well Done to Thomas and his family for everything they are doing!"

To donate click here.

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Virtual Challenge Weekend 2020
05/05/2020 By Paul Jones

Virtual Challenge Weekend 2020 took place over the weekend of 8th - 10th May 2020.

The virtual event replaced our annual Scouts Challenge Weekend during the lockdown due to Coronavirus.


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Service of Remembrance for Mr John Bethell
05/04/2018 By John Bridgwater

Report on The Service of Remembrance for Mr John Bethell. Held at St Stephen’s Church, Prenton on 18th March 2018

Mr John Bethell was a 15 year old scout at the 65th Birkenhead Troop now known at the 265th.
On a night of very heavy bombing 13th/14th March 1941, he was working as a volunteer messenger boy as did many thousands of scouts during the Second World War. On the night a house in the Oxton area of Birkenhead took a direct hit as John and his two Fire Wardens where in the road out side. The blast from the bomb blow them through the air across the road, John got up and ran into the burning house ignoring the Fire Wardens not to go. He did and brought out two old ladies from the kitchen, having got them to safety the house behind them collapsed in on its self.
For his bravery John was awarded the highest honour in scouting The Bronze Medal equivalent to The Victoria Cross.
He was then chosen from Boy Scouts country wide to represent Great Britain to travel throughout Canada and the United States of America lecturing and broadcast on what it was like to be bombed night after night in London, Glasgow, Southampton and Merseyside. For three months they traveled before coming home and being met by the then Deputy Prime minister they then spend a further two weeks continuing their tour through the British Isles.
At the age of 18 John was called up and joined the Signals Regiment and saw service in Italy and the Far East, after the war he stayed on to help set up the telegraph with the Burmese and India staff.
John then transferred and worked the test of his life for NATO. Living between France and the UK till his passing in April 2017 aged 91.
In this Will he left his Medals the Scout Group he had joined as a lad and at the Service of Remembrance it was fitting the his good friend Commander John M Bingeman and his wife Jane brought his Memorabilia to the service.
The Scout Group where honoured to have The Deputy Lord Lieutenant Dr N Jedynakiewicz present the Medals to the 265th received into safe keeping by the Group Scout Leader Mr John Bridgwater.
Also in attendance where the Deputy Mayor of Wirral, Councillor Geoffrey Watt, and his wife, there was also County and District Scout representatives.

The service was a fitting way to celebrate John's life and we took the opportunity to have the Deputy Lord Lieutenant present a Scout Bravery Award to one of our own Cub Scouts Lachlan from our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls for his Bravery in recognition of Lachlan's calm and mature response when his Father suffered a cardiac arrest.
The 265th Group would like to thank the Lord Lieutenant for allowing his Deputy to attend our service.

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