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Earth Hour 2021
27/03/2021 By Matt Jones

It's Earth Hour 2021 today and we're taking part!

Today we are deomstrating our commitment to conserving natural resources and helping to do our bit to save the planet by taking part in Earth Hour 2021. We'd love all our members and local communities to do the same and commit to doing everything we can to save the environment.

Matt Jones, District Commissioner says, "In the Scouts we care about our environment and we help to shape future generations and so it is only right that we do this with the most conscious of mindsets. We know we are in a global environment emergency and so we're committed to reducing our impact and helping to shape better futures."

In Birkenhead we have continued to replace our lighting with energy efficient LED lighting, improving the insulation of our buildings and replacing old inefficient windows with modern double glazed units to help conserve heat.  

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We're building back stronger
27/03/2021 By Matt Jones

We are trying to build a stronger Birkenhead as we come through the pandemic.

Over the last 12 months we've been working hard to engage all our members on Zoom, Teams and when allowed, face to face. However, as times are beginning to return to normal we are keen to continue to engage with even more members and potential members. 

We are building plans that will be shared over the coming weeks to Build a Stronger Birkenhead and are going to be engaging with all our Members to help shape these plans and work out exactly where our Members want support.

Matt Jones, District Commissioner, said "Were really excited to be working on some new projects and bringing some new ideas to life to engage with even more members than before! If you think you can help please dont hesitate to drop me or PJ a message."

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Let's get digital
27/02/2021 By Emma Fairclough

We're getting digital and launching District Digital Programmes for Beavers and Cubs!


As the ongoing restrictions are keeping us at bay the District Team are launching Digital Programmes evenings for our Beavers and Cubs sections! 

Wednesday 3rd March - Scavenger Hunt

Choose one item that if they had to leave the house quickly they have to take with them. 

Beavers and Cubs will need:

paper, colouring pencils and cello tape/clip/bobble/elastic 


Wednesday 17th March - St Patrick's Day Adventure
As it’s St Patrick’s day we are making the Irish flag, wearing something green, Irish quiz, story of giants course-way and learning some words in Gaelic
Beavers and Cubs will need:
paper and colouring pencils
Wednesday 31st March - Cakes in a Mug
They will need to be near the kitchen with a microwave. Ingredients measured out.
Beavers and Cubs will need:
A large mug 
4 tbsp self raising flour 
4 tbsp caster sugar 
2tbsp cocoa powder 
1 medium egg 
3tbsp milk 
3tbsp of veg/sunflower oil 
Few drops of vanilla essence 
Wednesday 14th April - Storty of St. George
We will be making a shield and sword out of a empty cereal box!
Beavers and Cubs will need:
An empty cereal box, cello tape, scissors and pens/pencils 
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Meet the new District Vice President of Birkenhead, Mike Lennox. 

Mike started Scouting in 1952 and took out his first warrant in 1958 at the 79th Birkenhead then 2nd Woodchurch and 5th Birkenhead before heading to Arrowe Venture Unit. Further to his Group roles Mike has also volunteered in roles with Birkenhead Gang Show with his brother Graham and Don Coughtire.


As Mike travelled around the UK he has had short breaks and volunteered in other Districts and Counties across the UK including the Shetland Isles. In 2012 Mike took on a short term role as GSL in 2nd Birkenhead, 9 years later he was still there and has helped transform the Group into a thriving Scout Group with all 3 sections and a dedicated leadership team. 

Mike recently took the decision to step down from 2nd Birkenhead and so Matt, District Commissioner and Joan, District Chair wanted to recognise his invaluable commitment to Scouting and asked Mike to become a Vice President. 

Mike Lennox said "I am greatly honoured to take up a Vice Presidentship with the District. I can't believe it! It's a great honour to me. I'm over the moon" 


Matt Jones, District Commissioner, says "Mike has been a key Manager across Birkenhead for many years as well as being someone who is always willing to lend an ear to any problems that might arise. I have been incredibly hrateful over my time as DC for Mikes support and dedicated leadership to the 2nd Birkenhead and he is leaving some big shoes to fill for his successor and I am thrilled that Mike has agreed to become a District Vice President from our next AGM. I very much doubt it is thanks enough for his incredible service but I know it's a start,"

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29/10/2020 By Matt Jones

We're helping 500+ Scout Groups raise money to help them through COVID19!

Today Cheif Scout, Bear Grylls launches our brand new #RaceRoundTheWorld fundraiser which aims to help our Scout Groups right here in Birkenhead but also Scout Groups around the UK raise vital funds to help us prepare better futures for even more Young People. 

Right now, it’s particularly vital that everythings done to give young people the support they need. Scouts offers them the chance to have adventures and develop skills for life outside formal educationIt teaches them to never give up – to get back up and try again, often with the support of the friends they’ve made along the way.

If you feel like you want to get involved, whether you're a Scout or not you can absolutely help us to raise vital funds to keep delivering Skills For Life to even more young people! Click here to set up your own team and to find out more!

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