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Let's get digital
27/02/2021 By Emma Fairclough


We're getting digital and launching District Digital Programmes for Beavers and Cubs!


As the ongoing restrictions are keeping us at bay the District Team are launching Digital Programmes evenings for our Beavers and Cubs sections! 

Wednesday 3rd March - Scavenger Hunt

Choose one item that if they had to leave the house quickly they have to take with them. 

Beavers and Cubs will need:

paper, colouring pencils and cello tape/clip/bobble/elastic 


Wednesday 17th March - St Patrick's Day Adventure
As it’s St Patrick’s day we are making the Irish flag, wearing something green, Irish quiz, story of giants course-way and learning some words in Gaelic
Beavers and Cubs will need:
paper and colouring pencils
Wednesday 31st March - Cakes in a Mug
They will need to be near the kitchen with a microwave. Ingredients measured out.
Beavers and Cubs will need:
A large mug 
4 tbsp self raising flour 
4 tbsp caster sugar 
2tbsp cocoa powder 
1 medium egg 
3tbsp milk 
3tbsp of veg/sunflower oil 
Few drops of vanilla essence 
Wednesday 14th April - Storty of St. George
We will be making a shield and sword out of a empty cereal box!
Beavers and Cubs will need:
An empty cereal box, cello tape, scissors and pens/pencils 

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