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Beavers loose at Chester Zoo
09/06/2019 By Matt Jones


Beavers Annual day trip took them to Chester Zoo! 

Beavers were loose at a Chester Zoo this weekend! Beavers from across Birkenhead Scouts went to Chester Zoo this weekend on their sleepover. 

Beavers were able to visit Chester Zoo to find out how they’re Preventing Extinction across the Globe! We know that it’s important to conserve our living world but we know that it’s even more important now than ever before! 

Our Beavers also learnt about prehistoric #Predators that once walked the Earth and had a great talk from one of the Zoo Rangers, Alex. 

Matt Jones, District Commissioner, said “Baden-Powell once said that we should leave the world a little better than we found it. We don’t always manage to do this but little steps do really change the world. We should always try our best to leave the world a little better and help Prevent Extinction!” 

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