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Volunteer Week Thank You
09/06/2019 By Matt Jones

Thank You to all our Volunteers this Volunteer Week!


Today marks the end of another Volunteer Week and we would just like to say a very simple, Thank You to all the Volunteers that Prepare Better Futures by Delivering Skills For Life in Birkenhead. 

Matt Jones, District Commissioner, said “Without the passion and dedication of a huge number of Volunteers we simply wouldn’t be able to deliver key Skills For Life to over 500 Young People! The difference we make to their lives week in week out is phenomenal and I’m humbled by the amount of adults that so generously donate their time and effort to all these Young People. So from the very bottom of my heart, Thank You.”

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Birkenheads Spectacular Gang Show 2019
25/02/2019 By Matt Jones

Birkenhead Gang Show wins audiences over once again with an incredible, amazing, spectacular 2019 show! 

Last week saw the return of our Birkenhead Gang Show once again for possibly the best ever Gang Show! 

The 2019 show saw over 90 members take to the stage - or the side of the stage at least, for an incredible show celebrating the 1929 Arrowe Park Jamboree, Moon Exploration and so much more. 

Graham Lysaght our show producer said "I've been very fortunate to produce the show since 1997, something I'm extremely proud of. Our wesbite will give you a flavour of our rich and exciting history together with how to keep updated on all our exciting show news."

Matt Jones our District Commissioner said "I'm so proud of all our members that took part this year. The actors, producers, musicians and technicians all did an us proud. It's activities like this that allow us to Prepare Better Futures for all our members by giving them amazing Skills For Life." 

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Birkenhead Ansar - Eid Mubarak
09/06/2019 By Matt Jones

Birkenhead Ansar host their first Eid Mubarak which was an amazing success!

Birkenhead Ansar hosted their first Eid Mubarak on Friday which was attended by groups from across Birkenhead Scouts. 

Guests were able to take part in Archery, Team Building games and a Picnic and Birkenhead Ansar are very much looking forward to the next event in 2020! 

Nisbah Hussain, Regional Commissioner, said on Facebook “[it’s] always wonderful to see how Scouting brings the whole community together”. 

Matt Jones, District Commissioner, said that “events like this are a fantastic opportunity to showcase our Scout values as well as showing that we are a truly inclusive movement. It’s great to see social events like this where Adult Volunteers from across the District come together and have fun as well as  Young People from different Groups working together and learning new Skills for Life”. 

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Beavers loose at Chester Zoo
09/06/2019 By Matt Jones

Beavers Annual day trip took them to Chester Zoo! 

Beavers were loose at a Chester Zoo this weekend! Beavers from across Birkenhead Scouts went to Chester Zoo this weekend on their sleepover. 

Beavers were able to visit Chester Zoo to find out how they’re Preventing Extinction across the Globe! We know that it’s important to conserve our living world but we know that it’s even more important now than ever before! 

Our Beavers also learnt about prehistoric #Predators that once walked the Earth and had a great talk from one of the Zoo Rangers, Alex. 

Matt Jones, District Commissioner, said “Baden-Powell once said that we should leave the world a little better than we found it. We don’t always manage to do this but little steps do really change the world. We should always try our best to leave the world a little better and help Prevent Extinction!” 

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A new YouGov poll[1] has found that the majority of British adults (51%) who expressed a view believe there is less empathy in UK society now than just 12 months ago. The startling statistic is in line with global trends, the growth of social media and what’s been dubbed ‘generation me’.

We find this emerging crisis of empathy unacceptable – it is damaging society and reducing the life chances of young people – and Chief Scout Bear Grylls has called for urgent action to provide more opportunities for young people to develop this essential skill. However, a huge 92% of the public who expressed a view agree that Scouts do this effectively, stating that they believe we are helping young people develop this critical skill for life through volunteering and community projects.

The new YouGov[2] research that uncovered the size of the UK’s crisis of empathy polled over 2,000 British adults. Our Chief Scout has called urgently for more volunteers to help young people develop this crucial skill and to prevent the crisis deepening.

Bear Grylls said: 

‘Today, in a world that sometimes feels fractured and insular, empathy and kindness are more important than ever. That’s why it’s important that we do something about this challenge. If the trend continues, we risk more division in our communities and increased alienation among young people. New research has shown that more than half of British adults say there is less empathy in UK society today than a year ago. When society is polarised, we need to work twice as hard to understand each other and find ways of working together. I believe young people have a right to develop key skills such as empathy and kindness and we urgently need more adult volunteers to help us do this.’ 

There is growing awareness of just how vital empathy is both socially and professionally. The 92% of British adults who said they believe that the Scouts help young people to develop this skill said we do so through our volunteering and community projects.[3] One such example is how we give the UK’s 460,000 Scouts the opportunity to develop their powers of empathy while working towards their Community Impact Badge, mixing with people from different backgrounds. As a result, there are now over 22,000 Scout Dementia Friends across the UK. The role involves the Scouts learning about dementia, partnering with people affected and giving their time and energy to help their local community become more dementia friendly. 

We pride ourselves in building empathy to cross boundaries within communities, and help young people develop skills to succeed in life. We deeply value this particular skill and hope others will back our call to improve levels of empathy in society.


[1] All figures, unless otherwise stated, are from YouGov Plc.  Total sample size was 2087 adults. Fieldwork was undertaken between 13th - 14th September 2018.  The survey was carried out online. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB adults (aged 18+).

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